Canada adds Immigration Application Tracking To Express Entry Candidates

Express Entry and PNP candidates will now be able to monitor their applications and stay informed of any necessary updates to their profiles.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is expanding online application status trackers to four new categories. These status trackers will allow clients to monitor their application and stay informed on all updates regarding actions that may be required or incase a document needs to be updated.

Express Entry and the PNP are two of the most prominent economic immigration pathways for applicants. Canada is looking to welcome nearly 190,000 immigrants via the two pathways combined this year. This figure is set to rise in 2025.

Status trackers will increase transparency by providing clients with direct access to information more efficiently than if they contacted IRCC through another channel.

The new online status trackers is another effort by IRCC to reduce wait times and improve access information. IRCC says it is part of the ministry’s commitment to increase transparency and that application status tracking will be available for more types of applications in the near future.

The majority of permanent residency programs will soon switch to 100% digital applications, according to IRCC’s announcement from last September.

As of January 31 there were 66,214 PNP applicants and 47,868 Express Entry applicants in line waiting to be processed, according to the most recent information from IRCC.

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