Terms & Conditions

Destican Immigration Services ( Destican Document Clearing Services ) is an Ontario based immigration firm with offices in the Middle East.  The company is owned by Ms. Banafsheh Behzadi, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) Destican offers Canadian Immigration Services. By purchasing a service from Destican Immigration Services, you acknowledge that

  1. Destican is not responsible for applications which are rejected. Applications are rejected at the sole discretion of the applicable government authority
  2.  All fees are non-refundable once the application has been submitted to the appropriate government agency
  3.  All fees paid are non-refundable if the client does not provide the required documents during the given timeframe
  4.  No service will be rendered until the executed retainer agreement is provided; Official work starts when the Retainer Agreement is signed and the first installment is received.
  5.  Purchase of a service indicates the commitment by you, the client, to pay all fees associated with said service;
  6.  All services are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $100.00 CAD or 300.00 Dirhams once the transaction has been processed
  7. The Client will be billed by flat fee with payment by milestones or flat fee with payment by milestone inclusive of predetermined dates and frequency of invoices. Payment in full is due before an application will be submitted to the government
  8.  Processing times are estimates based on the information listed by various government agencies, and are subject to change at any time without notice.
  9.  Destican is not responsible for documents lost by Canada Post, courier companies, or any mail service or government office.

Client Responsibilities

The applicant assumes all responsibility and liability that the information on government forms is true and complete. Destican assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or incomplete or false information on application forms. Where required, all forms must be reviewed and confirmed by the client prior to submission. The applicant agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions with regard to payment:

  1. Payment by Visa, MasterCard, debit card, certified cheque, money order or wire transfer.
  2. All payments and transactions are final.
  3. Destican agrees to charge only for service, H.S.T., government fees, delivery charges, and any disbursements if applicable. There are no H.S.T. charges on government fees and people residing outside of Canada.
  4. The applicant agrees that Destican is not responsible for Credit or Debit authorization or approval.
  5. Government Fees are collected separately from Destican fees.


Destican will provide invoices, with Name and Address of Client, List of Services Rendered, The Dates and Total Fees.


The applicant is obliged to pay in advance a fee of $100 CAD (300 Dirhams) in case he/she decides to speak directly with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

We offer consultations via Zoom, Whatsapp or phone. During the consultation the following information will be discussed and shared with you:

1- Advice on the different visa pathways which are available to you.

2- An assessment of your likely eligibility for each option.

3- Benefits and disadvantages of each option as well as possible shortcomings.

4- An outline of the main stages in the application process.

5- An indicative processing time and cost for each option.

Consultation can take up to 30 minutes. The initial consultation fee paid by the Client will be used as a payment(“credit”) to the Immigration case which will open depending on the results of the consultation. We do not refund consultation fees if we are not retained.

If the client is found eligible to apply , a copy of our retainer agreement along with a payment link will be provided.

Method of communication

 The primary method of contact with will be by e-mail. All communication must be written and sent by email. All e-mails are replied back within the 24- or 72-hour time frame.  Destican uses Whatsapp for scheduled calls only. Any messages/documents sent on Whatsapp will not be checked. All documents are received through email.  If Client decides to speak directly with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant over the phone, a discount code of DIS30 will be applicable on all future consultation sessions.  Destican Immigration Services recommends sending an email request to arrange for reserving a fixed telephone appointment time should the need arise.


Destican guarantees all its work. If you have reason to believe that we did not submit the best possible application on your behalf, you may request an electronic copy of your application. We treat all of our client’s cases with the utmost seriousness and will do our best to ensure that the case is successful. It should be understood that our clients are paying us for our expertise and for our work and time on a case, and while we will always endeavor to achieve a positive result, we do not guarantee the success of any matter that we are retained for, and do not give refunds because a case was unsuccessful.

Retainer Agreements

Once you choose Destican, we will be your representative for the service purchased and for communication with the Canadian or any other government authority in relation to the service purchased. A signed retainer agreement must be provided electronically to Destican Immigration Services including the confirmation of the first installment prior to any work being started. All applications have deadlines and timeframes which must be followed by the client carefully.